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  • The Ambush

    Bekan clutched her cloak closer, trying to ward off the frost. Silently, she cursed Snoz, Rezzah, and Josom; all of them laying nearby, all of them possessing the foresight to buy gear suitable to the cold weather. But mostly, she cursed at the goat tethered to a stake in the snow-covered field b...

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  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Commoner Role Playing Character Alive

    10 Ways to keep your Commoner/Low Powered Character Alive in a Dangerous Fantasy World The Adequate Commoner by J.M. Perkins – author of The Adequate Commoner – the everyman’s guide to surviving and thriving. 1. When in Doubt: Run Away! Normal adventurers don’t retre...

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  • Death or Glory alpha version released

    David "Sir Poley" Bayless, author of long-running Harry Potter fanfic "Harry Potter and the Natural 20", has released the game he's been working on for quite a while. It's called Death or Glory, and it's an action RPG with mass combat rules. So far it looks near-ideal to use for a tabletop, face-...

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  • Windscion

    Interests: RPG, TBS, scifi/fantasy.

  • Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter

         If you’re reading this, you like fantasy games, so at least I’m making my Carny pitch to the right audience . . .   About 33 years ago, I started writing GURPS, which originally stood for Great Unnamed Roleplaying System and was retconjured into the Ge...

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