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  • The Imperfect Warlord (Chapter 1)

    Link to comments thread.   Next Chapter     Considered canon compliant up until Book 3 Page 79. SUMMARY: Erfworld, the tale of a young man that was summoned to a world that is a gigantic strategy board game come to life in order so save a kingdom that was on the brink of a...

    Tags: imperfect warlord, self-insert, self insert, book 1, gobwin knob, ROB, retconjuration

  • Revolutionary: Book 1 - An Erfworld Carol {Act 1 - The Scroll}

    Revolutionary: Book 1 - An Erfworld Carol {Act 1 - The Scroll}   The Earl of Jacobi had been disbanded over an errand just like this one. Sent to the Magic Kingdom on an impossible mission over twenty five and a half hundredturns ago. But then, it had been the Weirdomancer's fault for br...

    Tags: Crisis21, Revolutionary, Retconjuration

  • {Clever Title Not Found}

    Every few hundredturns a group of Casters gather, in a large clearing in the Naughtymancers Section of the Magic Kingdom. They sit on a circle of logs around a Foolamancy bonfire to eat, update the List of Suspected Retcons, and chat like much older friends than the irregular-but-frequent-gaps in...

    Tags: Retconjuration, Deletionism