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  • The Mancy of the Rhyme - A Magical Erf Tale that teaches you not to read it.

    'Tis a story of a unit,A unit bold and strong.A lover and a piker,With a lance sure and long!He popped in a kingdom dead,Not far away on Erf;Soft golden face and hair,And a mount of chocolate surf.A royal he was not.Nor of the caster snob.Thus for many a turn,None noticed him on the job...But Fat...

    Tags: Mancy, Rhyme-o-mancy, poem, erfworld

  • Meet the Jetstones

    Jetstones. Meet the Jetstones.  They're the royal Erfworld family.  From the town of Spacerock,  The embodiment of chivalry.  Let's march straight unto the battlefield.  Fight till, Gobwin Knob will finally yield.  When you're with the Jetstones  Have a Unipeg...

    Tags: Rhyme-o-mancy, Jetstone, parody

  • rocknrolla

    Composer, conductor and music teacher who sometimes wonders what Erfworld's music would sound like.

    Skills: Rock out, Rhyme-o-mancy

  • Thriller End of Book 1

    Happy Halloween Erfworld! First try, be gentle. Amit, Halloween & the book 1 dance fight page in the toolbox inspired me... It's close to turn's end and something evil's lurking in the darkUnder the sunlight you see some troops that almost stop Your heartYou try to scream, but Wanda takes y...

    Tags: Rhyme-o-mancy, Book 1, parody, Michael Jackson, DLcygnet

  • Magic Dance-Fighting

    You remind me of the caster (What caster?) Caster with the 'pliers (What 'pliers?) 'Pliers of Arken (I can?) You can (Can what?) Remind me of the caster   I saw my caster, turning sides as caster could turn What could I do My caster's duty's gone And left my plans askew Nobody knew...

    Tags: Gobwins, Labyrinth, Rhyme-o-mancy, David Bowie, parody

  • Stack with me: Original Lyrics by King Benny

    Sung to the tune of Stand by me: by Ben E. King   When the turn is done, And the hex is dark, And the titans are the only ones that can see, No I won't be afraid, no I won't be afraid Just as long as you stack, stack with me Oh archons, archons, stack with me, oh stack with me Oh sta...

    Tags: Rhyme-o-mancy, parody, Date-a-mancy

  • The Long Walk

    On the shores of the Magic Kingdom waited a well-known but regrettable location. Short Pier was the last place any unit would choose to be. The inevitability of the turns end loomed in this spot, which left a dark pall on an otherwise beautiful beach. This turn, as so many turns before, a lone u...

    Tags: Rhyme-o-mancy, Magic Kingdom, Salvage

  • In Erfworld, Questmas observes YOU!

    All the Hoovers in Hooverville liked Questmas a lot, But the caster who lived up in Fort Knocks did not. There was no profit for him in their revels, Nor in their belief that “Love levels all levels.”   Once every three-hundred, sixty-odd turns, He remembered his partn...

    Tags: Christmas, Holiday, Rhyme-o-mancy, Scrood, Questmas

  • Shawn Bawn Special: Free-Style Slam

    Shawn Bawn, fates pawn, Had it all wrong, All is showing him his reprimand, Dealing him death Only not With the blessing of his new fate   Decrypted, enscripted, engaged, enraged, About to turn this style up, Grab yo guns, it’s about to get tough, Giving the fourth a hard tim...

    Tags: rhyme-o-mancy, Shawn Bawn, decrypted, caster, reading it wrong

  • A Little Rhyme-o-mancy 1

    Schmucker-pinching and crass is the Tool Both his ethics and size: minuscule. What's his key to success? Ask him straight, and he'll 'fess: "I just follow my own golden rule."   Parson Gotti, it's plain, is a hunk. So thinks Maggie, but she's in a funk. Though she's worn sexy things, Even ...

    Tags: Erf limericks, rhyme-o-mancy