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  • DLuxxx

    Interests: Role Playing Games, Strategy Games, Video Games, Board Games, Card Games, Games Games Games. And reading. Lots of SyFy & Fantasy.

  • Alynna

    I am a strong, sexy, Dirtamancer/Moneymancer (Or maybe Mathamancer)   But definitely a Mancer

    Skills: Geology, Astronomy, Tutoring, Reading, Strategy Games, diplomacy (sigh)

  • Sum Gai

    Interests: strategy games, indi games, most of what they call 'retro games'

  • JamesFrizell

    I'm a DM of over 16 years, playing DnD mostly, doing construction work during the day, game development at night, book editing on the weekend, and actually playing games somewhere between all of that ;) I live in Vancouver, and people have lots of things to love here, but to level with you I jus...

    Interests: Table-top games, strategy games, turn-based games, sushi, cooking, rootbeer, robots, 3D printers, space, science, blueberry-flavored chocolate, horror movies and games