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  • Zhopa Demotivator

      Not much else to say, really.

    Tags: Zhopa, Gelipede, Demotivator, No one in particular

  • The best salad bar in city

    Move over Wanda, heavy boys want to dance too.     (Note: User was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob)    

    Tags: fanart, Bogroll, Zhopa, Stanley, dance-fighting, Spruce

  • Money Makes the World Go Round - Part 14

    (Previous Chapter:   Stanley wasn’t stupid. Well, he wasn’t as stupid as others thought him as sometimes. Oh, he was lazy when it came to brains, if not body. He would always prefer an hour of ...

    Tags: Fanfic, OC, Moneymancer, Alternate History, Parson, Jack, Maggie, Archons, Stanley, Gobwin Knob, Zhopa

  • Attack of the Gummy Worm!

    Zhopa's perspective fighting the gummy worm on page 70 of Book 3.  I am not an artist!! But sketching Erfworld stuff at work helps pass the time and I think it'd be fun to start posting them here.

    Tags: Gummy Worm, Zhopa, Book 3

  • The Side That Tows Together...

      ...grows together.   ///   Sometimes, Kanakanui stumbled into pilikia, and his friends pulled him back. If you are hearing these stories a long time from now, then they happened long ago.   ///   Remember, having a string is common. What’s special is how...

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