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  • DLuxxx

    Interests: Role Playing Games, Strategy Games, Video Games, Board Games, Card Games, Games Games Games. And reading. Lots of SyFy & Fantasy.

  • ryanroyce

    Interests: RPGs, Board Games

  • Lord Morgoth

    Interests: Board Games, Strategy, Other Nerd Things

  • Gamebooks, or: Why Are You Playing THAT?

    By Richard S. Hetley, Kickstarter project manager of Lone Wolf - The Board Game. Which is relevant, we swear.  I love a good game. It could be anything. Clever little custom-dice game? Awesome. Social game with no props whatsoever? Cool. Same goes for a good book or a good story....

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  • Roadkill Rivals Preview/Review

    Roadkill Rivals is a fast paced set collecting game by Pygmy Giraffe Games, that is on Kickstarter from now until Aug. 20th, 2015.  The goal of the game is to make roadkill by running over animals with vehicles by drawing cards from the shared freeway.  The game can accommodate 2-6 play...

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  • Codex: Card-Time Strategy

    Hello all, I've been a huge ErfWorld fan since it began on GitP, and I'd like to thank Rob for inviting me to blog about Codex: Card-Time Strategy, which I supported on Patreon and proofread for, and which is now on Kickstarter. Codex: Card-Time Strategy is a non-collectible card game that fee...

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  • Sydney

    Interests: Hearthstone & MtG, old adventure games, board games, H. P. Lovecraft and his works

  • rpgarcher

    Interests: board games, tabletop roleplaying, video games, all mostly tactical in nature

  • Hope City Board Game Kickstarter Preview/Review

     Hope City is a co-op game where the players take the role of different city leaders, who need to work together to save their dying city from punks and urban blights, all while managing their own corruption.  The players take turns trying to complete objectives to help build city sites ...

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  • cameron78

    Kevin was born in London in 1978. Marketing assistant at Handy Skips. Married, 2 kids.

    Interests: Board games, cooking sea food and woodworking and furniture making.