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  • Shawn Bawn Special: Free-Style Slam

    Shawn Bawn, fates pawn, Had it all wrong, All is showing him his reprimand, Dealing him death Only not With the blessing of his new fate   Decrypted, enscripted, engaged, enraged, About to turn this style up, Grab yo guns, it’s about to get tough, Giving the fourth a hard tim...

    Tags: rhyme-o-mancy, Shawn Bawn, decrypted, caster, reading it wrong

  • Quiz: What kind of Caster are you?

    In the style of cheesy online "personality" quizzes, Which Erfworld Caster Discipline Are You?   Inspired by Spicymancer.   Edit: If you guys are interested in how it works, the first 6 questions determine your Elements (Life, Motion, Matter), and the final 7 determine your ali...

    Tags: caster, quiz