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  • Overlady Gale

    "Long ago in distant land, I, Charlie, the scheming master of Arkendish, have unleashed an unspeakable power!But, a foolish overlady, wearing magical shoes, stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I called upon a couple of archons to start a side, where my rules are law. Now...

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  • Unjust Deserts, part 23

    Part 23, Some conditions may apply   -----------------------------------------------------------------   The azure and ivory towers and domes of Flandon rose out of the desert sands like a mirage.   She was a dazzling, feminine, mysterious and elegantly understated city, bas...

    Tags: Erfic, Desert, Dessert, Barbarian, Changemancy, Dittomancy, Charlie, Charlescomm, Archon, Spicymancer

  • Unjust Deserts, part 28

    Part 28, I'm no good at love stories   -----------------------------------------------------------------   Aboveground, the night in the city of Madsense was a cacophony of neon lights. ‘Bord cubes flew, advertising and flashing crawling text. No two streets had streetlights o...

    Tags: Erfic, Desert, Dessert, Barbarian, Dittomancy, Changemancy, Charlie, Archon, Charlescomm, Spicymancer

  • Unjust Deserts, part 29 and Finale

    Part 29, Crime and PUN-ishment   ----------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to cloudbreaker for the weather forecast and Free Radical for the dessert ruling. -----------------------------------------------------------------   “How have they bee...

    Tags: Erfic, Desert, Dessert, Barbarian, Charlie, Archon, Charlescomm, Spicymancer

  • Sweet dreams

    “Good evening, Parson. Don’t get up; you need your sleep. You’re a busy guy, so I thought I’d be considerate and contact you when you weren’t doing anything important. Don’t worry; you’ll still get all the refreshment benefits. This counts as a dream, mec...

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  • Excerpt from the private Rhyme-o-mancy journal of Benjamin Franchise

    Maybe something like this for the MK memorial? Needs revising. Nonetheless:   Friends, Units, fellow Casters, lend me your ears; I come to speak of Caesar, and not to praise him. The wars that men begin live after them; Yet good is often croakéd with them: ...

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  • Hamstargazing

    Almost certainly non-canon. Still, one must admit that the Big Think’s ideas are rather... ...shady.     (NOTE: User was awarded 25 shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

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