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                Tôi là Phạm Thị Huệ hiện đang sinh sống và làm việc tại TX. Gia Nghĩa, Tỉnh Đắk Nông. Công việc chính của tôi là tuyển sinh và giảng dạy các môn học chuyên ngành tại trường Trung cấp Kinh tế - Kỹ thuật Phương Nam.



              • Strongman and the Tower of the LFN

                The following feature is rated TG-13 for gr...ess multiple times your turncount their bus...his horror, the Page did recount the tale...were able to survive the encounter.  ...look at the man.  His counte...

              • Fumo the Free - Part 1

                  The jokes Erfworld told itself were usually short, strange, and alive.   H...arbarians managed to survive by finding someone to turn to. Either they encounte...

              • State of the Erf: follow-up

                State of the state of the... Quick follow-up to the State of the Erf. (Can Rob write a short news post? Yes, probably. I probably could also learn to fly in...

              • Erf Cast does Suicide Is Painless (working title)

                BeaDonny-boy you won't believe my dayA horde of zombies have come this way.I think I'm going to croak myself anywaySo to Donny-boy I bid thee beoh wait I forg...

              • Bweagle vs Dwagon

                A few years back, I rescued a beagle puppy. It was an unexpected thing, so I didn’t have any toys on hand. What I did have was an autographed red dwagon...

              • The Noble Gases Chapter 22 (Aftermath and Epilogue)

                 <--Chapter 21     Marilyn looked over...ossible.   “True generosity.” Count Neon repl...ity, obscenity, and abuse that impressed even Viscount...

              • Sailor Erf

                That time when, for the sake of, um...exploration of mechanics, Parson decided to test the eyebook's ability to record visual impressions directly from his im...

              • The Noble Gases Chapter 21

                 <--Chapter 20   For six turns the siege rage...rdquo;   “Aaand that’s why Viscount Krypton i...over with Operator Marie trailing behind and Viscount...

              • State of the Erf - Part 2

                Okay, Linda and I had a terrific holiday with my family. Later t....     2018 Sinkhole #4 - Legal, Accounting, and T...lest sinkhole of 2018." The teal deer:TL;DR 1: Accounta...