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  • Prince Albert

    I was encouraged by the IRC chat (thanks guys!) to submit this. Prince Albert's pretty cool. Thought I'd draw him: And as a bonus, have an old Wanda drawing from my archives ^_^:   Note: User was awarded 30 Shmuckers for this post

    Tags: fanart, prince albert, wanda, drawing

  • Wanda in furisode

    Hei everyone, I've been reading the story for a while now and I thought I could contribute with some art! The story is fun and gives a lot to paint of and since I'm loving Wandas style and personality, I ended up painting a piece with a traditional furisode that was an evolved version of he...

    Tags: wanda, fanart, painting, drawing

  • edsobo

    Interests: Reading, writing, food, comics, drawing, Lego, craft beer, electronics, tinkering.

  • Lankin

    Interests: RPG's (Mage, Pathfinder, Nobilis, Changeling, In Nomine, Wulin, etc), drawing, cartoons, language, slalom, dancing

  • MollieGrant

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    Skills: drawing

  • freyahenderson

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    Interests: writing, reading, drawing

  • Dudze

    Skills: Writing, Drawing, DMing, Croakamancy, Drain Life.

  • lonewolvernsoul

    A writer, and artist, and a reader of Erfworld.

    Skills: Writing, Drawing, Making Friends.

  • Kelibath

    Skills: Painting, Drawing, Illustration, Design, Editing, Proofreading