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  • Green dwagon fancomic

    Little fancomic of dwagons. NOTE: User was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this submission! -Rob

    Tags: fanart, fancomic, Stanley, dwagon, decrypted, Spruce

  • Pink dwagon fancomic

    I like bubble-blowing dwagons. Note: User was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this submission -Rob

    Tags: fanart, fancomic, Ansom, dwagon, Unaroyal, Spruce

  • Dwagons

    I couldn't resist painting some dwagons! So here you go! Hope you like them! ^^   (Note: User was awarded 40 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

    Tags: fanart, dwagon, painting, art

  • Who watches the watchers?

    It can't be a peep show, as there is no Gwiffons.   (Note: user was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this submission. -Rob)

    Tags: fanart, fancomic, Parson, Jack, Maggie, Ace, Wanda, Charlie, Sizemore, Lilith, dwagon, Spruce

  • Happy 10th Anniversary

    Happy 10th Anniversary to Rob and team Erfworld!

    Tags: fanart, Erfworld, anniversary, dwagon, Spruce

  • How to Print Your Dwagon

    Why settle for a nice plush dwagon when you could have a small plastic one instead? Depending on your hardware, quite a few dwagons can be popped per turn. Versions with and without support are included. The pictured dwagon is ~4 inches long. Follow the below link to Thingiverse to download the...

    Tags: dwagon, 3D printing