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  • Predilection for False Predictions

    The dream was too vivid to be anything but a prediction. I stood confidently in the penthouse of Ivory Tower, ready to unleash its stored spell defenses against a massive aerial assault. The enemy fliers grew from tiny specks on the horizon into full sized dwagons as they approached the city of T...

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  • Crown the Unblessed

    There are soldiers born in hexes icy,Lightning in their eyes, and feisty, Skybound are their cries, they're fighting, But in their hearts still fearful lies,The hidden taste of UNG of XON.There are ferals in the seas a'rising,Swords will snap on skin, they're biting,Their tentacles will...

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  • Failure of the Heart

    While we have locked, for many an hour, Whileless in timelessness, turns not burning it, Our choices in the urges given to us, Titanic Powers are still Flowering. Though we are desperate we are crowned by it,The mandates and the sounds of it: They are rounding out.She was love...

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  • Titans A.E. - After Erf - Part 1

    Titans A.E – After Erf   Parson rested the smooth wood of his hoe against his leg and ran a sweaty forearm across his forehead. It didn’t do much besides mixing his arm and face sweat and smearing it around. Feeling defeated, he hefted the hoe again and looked out over the rows...

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  • A Sordid Venge

    Annus-Dominus Vance, Prince-Mancer rhymes:   Withdrawn mind, he paces daily:  Bleaker aire burns whence he stands:   Dark havoc soul, long silent dance!   Restless brooding, chained-sent, howls:  "I'll bide in palace lands!"   Zero Move in garrison: a seem...

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  • A Queen By Crown-of-Thorns Caressed

    in acid rainall basic space move my headam half insanegive me prayer"In Titans' name."in measured daysi can't erase the sound of your face my wave _______He looked up, live with misery, at skies like warm milk; sleepily dripping fog onto the hex. He slipped across hex bou...

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