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  • The Visit

    “Tony!”  The valet turned around and saw the doorman rushing towards him. “She is here to see the master.” “Who is?” “You know… her.” “Oh, her. I see. But why come to me? Shouldn’t you inform the master?” &ldqu...

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  • The Talk

    "Leave us."   Her words resonated through the room. She didn't yell or even raise her voice. She simply spoke in a tone practised over many seasons to convey her will to all who listened. It was the voice of the Earl of the Elk. It came with grace. It came with power. It came with authorit...

    Tags: fiction, story, Blood and Tears, Houses of the Blooded

  • The Ballad of the Heroes of Stormwatch - Part I of XI

    Author's Note: (Feel free to skip this bit if you like and proceed directly to the poetry) In early 2012, our group switched from a GURPS campaign based in a world called Arvellia, in a town called Stormwatch, to a Harn campaign, based in Rethem. Somehow, the two campaigns are in the same contin...

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  • Gibberish

    The 411,013th Glorious Cycle of the Szann Dynasty   Emperor Szagg, of the Murtilon Empire rotated his virtual duplicate thoughtfully.   “Does this cape make me look un-aerodynamic?”   Grand Vizier Prang pretended to squint thoughtfully at the image before uttering...

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