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  • A History of Wemics

    A modern conception of a liontaur.   Fans of the fantastical have long been entranced by the idea of creatures that are human on top and beast-like down low. Sphinxes, centaurs, mermaids, harpies, driders, satyrs, lamia, and, yes, even unipegataurs -- they all appeal to the idea that huma...

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  • Life's a Beach

    Tim Ryan took a final drag from his hand-rolled cigarette and flicked the butt away. The last curls of smoke mixed with the steam from his breath as he inhaled the scent of tobacco and ocean air. On the other side of the pillbox sat his squad mate Naveen, who had his eyes closed in meditatio...

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  • The Emperors Angel

    My name is Arnout, and I am Bachelor of Science in chemistry, specializing in inorganic chemistry. Currently not working in my prefered field, but I have hope that I can return there, in a couple of years. My interests lie in the field of artificial phosphors, (which, as opposed to their name, d...

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  • Final Act Kickstarter

    Tyto Games is a new venture that brought ELEMENTOS to life a few months back and is doing really well.   We are now at it again with a more elaborate game, here's a bit about it.   Final Act came to mind when Sharon was an IDF Merkava tank commander in active duty, it was a cha...

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  • Dudze

    Interests: Games, all of them, every genre, every format. Stories, all of them so long as they're well written.

  • Rahuore

    One Guy who enjoys analyzing things from different angles found himself right at home with erfworld rotating perspectives And the art is super Inviting

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  • Lymmothy

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  • ChristineMeany

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  • Xotano

    I Pooped Today

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