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  • N7 Special Ops

    == Chapter 1: Guns blazing! ==   Arnout gazed through his binoculars, and marked the cannibals looming around the target building, to make Gerard's job easier. "Angel." The radio came to life. "We've got Harvesters incoming. Make it snappy." Arnout gave Gerard his binoculars back. "Copy. M...

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  • LazarusZLong

    A long-time comic-book fan, I only recently dove into online comics (maybe 12 years ago or so).  I have been following Erfworld since its beginnings in the Order of the Stick, and devoured Hamstard and PartiallyClips.  My daily routine at work is woefully incomplete without my daily dose of levit...

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  • Cantankerous Cats- Let's Play: Board Game Edition- Episode 14

    Cantankerous Cats is a light weight cat themed "Take That!" game in a similar vein to Munchkin. The players take the role of domestic house cats who try to gain the affection of their "Hoomins" so that they can cause mischief and score points to win.  But the cats need to be careful because...

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  • Hope City Board Game Kickstarter Preview/Review

     Hope City is a co-op game where the players take the role of different city leaders, who need to work together to save their dying city from punks and urban blights, all while managing their own corruption.  The players take turns trying to complete objectives to help build city sites ...

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  • Aythem

    Fan since day one.

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  • arin

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  • NCommander

    Software Engineer, Wanderer, Madman. some of the words that describe me

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  • vivekshah


    Vivek Shah is the CEO & founder of Capermint Technologies: A leading mobile app development company offers Android and iPhone application development services. He likes to share his knowledge on latest mobile technologies like Android, iOS and other popular mobile platform technologies.

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  • Keys2tkingdom

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  • kktash

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