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  • Hat's The Ticket!

    Yes, yes, Erfworld is a webcomic about a hex-grid turn-based fantasy wargame, you know, like Divine Right or Dragon Pass or SPI's War of the Ring or, of course, the monster fantasy slugathon wargame of all monster fantasy slugathon wargames, Titan. But that does not mean I can't sh...

    Tags: hats, hat magic, dungeons & dragons, D&D, Pathfinder, magic items, gaming

  • Titanic Tools (NSFW): Ansom

    I've threatened/promised I would make a series of male pin ups, and now I've finally made good on it! Here we see our once and future Prince contemplating over some possibly symbolic hats. Nothing much else to say other than I hope you like it; I did my best trying to get the anatomy right, which...

    Tags: Ansom, Prince, Hats, NSFW, Nudity