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  • The power of wordplay.

    (Vance the Gelded bides, waiting, barbarian, with three Signamancers' stack. In service to XON, that vile feral, with its cryptic promises, he's outcast: none hate him more than his former, tyrannous side. He stole a princess from those magocrats, named Chastity, trapped in its capital, a city - ...

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  • False Dwagon Lullaby

      XON screamed, and the meaning was Intelligence. The forest listened to XON. --- Fatal Helle-Rune forever whispered, from her memory palace, to the world, over and over: "Give me the strength to deceive even myself: that the past can be returned." She had gritted those words many turn...

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  • A Sordid Venge

    Annus-Dominus Vance, Prince-Mancer rhymes:   Withdrawn mind, he paces daily:  Bleaker aire burns whence he stands:   Dark havoc soul, long silent dance!   Restless brooding, chained-sent, howls:  "I'll bide in palace lands!"   Zero Move in garrison: a seem...

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