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  • The Seventh Crown Roleplaying Game Setting; Now on Kickstarter!

    NOTE ABOUT THIS ARTICLEAs part of the "Kicking It Forward" concept, I try to keep tabs on Kickstarter projects that I think Erfworld readers would like. I reached out to Bryan Steele, the creator of Seventh Crown, and asked him to write up an article for the gaming stream about his sett...

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  • Codex: Card-Time Strategy

    Hello all, I've been a huge ErfWorld fan since it began on GitP, and I'd like to thank Rob for inviting me to blog about Codex: Card-Time Strategy, which I supported on Patreon and proofread for, and which is now on Kickstarter. Codex: Card-Time Strategy is a non-collectible card game that fee...

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  • Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter

         If you’re reading this, you like fantasy games, so at least I’m making my Carny pitch to the right audience . . .   About 33 years ago, I started writing GURPS, which originally stood for Great Unnamed Roleplaying System and was retconjured into the Ge...

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  • Final Act Kickstarter

    Tyto Games is a new venture that brought ELEMENTOS to life a few months back and is doing really well.   We are now at it again with a more elaborate game, here's a bit about it.   Final Act came to mind when Sharon was an IDF Merkava tank commander in active duty, it was a cha...

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  • Stone Daze - strategy board game to watch (your head) for

    You wonderful Erflings were instrumental in our Final Act successful funding so thank you again. Since than we took in much of the feedback and suggestions and tuned it into Stone Daze, we got some cool caveman characters in play that we're sure you'd like. Still deeply stra...

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  • AZIMUTH: Ride The Winds

    Hello Erflings,   We appreciate a lot all the support on our previous games and glad you've enjoyed them, thanks a lot, so we'd like to introduce Azimuth.   AZIMUTH is an game of tactics where players take the role of survivors stranded on a deserted island, or floating at sea ...

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