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  • The Ballad of the Heroes of Stormwatch - Part I of XI

    Author's Note: (Feel free to skip this bit if you like and proceed directly to the poetry) In early 2012, our group switched from a GURPS campaign based in a world called Arvellia, in a town called Stormwatch, to a Harn campaign, based in Rethem. Somehow, the two campaigns are in the same contin...

    Tags: poetry, harn, arvellia rpg, fiction, recap, ballad

  • Rhyme-o-mancy Practice Sonnet

    -Contained within are the in-progress Rhyme-o-mancy studies of newly popped caster Edgar Pallus- An Introductory Sonnet   I must confess that I possess a lack Of that fancy Rhyme-o-mancy flourish I try a lot but just don't got the knack And yet this skill is what I will nourish ...

    Tags: Rhyme-O-Mancy, Poetry