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  • VehpuS

    I was popped on August 29th 1989 in Jerusalem, but spent most of my early turns in several kingdoms (Poland, Belgium and Romania – where I completed 12th grade with an IB diploma). Having returned to Israel, I joined the army and spent six years working as head of an ICT team (receiving an award ...

    Interests: Photography, Video Editing, Singing, Music, Programming

  • NCommander

    Software Engineer, Wanderer, Madman. some of the words that describe me

    Skills: Programming, plotting, fudge

  • Empyreah

    Pronouns: him/he/his I go by Empyreah or Tyler online; I tend to be a person with a bit too many hobbies which makes things a bit hard to balance. I end up in the realm of a Jack of all Trades, but I am certainly happy with that. My day job is working as an embedded programmer/software engineer....

    Interests: Tabletop Gaming, MOBAs, Video games, Anime, Cartoons, Cosplay, Woodwork, Metalwork, Programming, Sewing, Foam-smithing and more things

  • RemoteScholar

    Interests: Tabletop and video games, reading, programming

  • kilantolshi

    Interests: gaming, computers, writing, programming, acting, sculpting, reading, annoying neighbors, catching the houdini rabbits that somehow get in my apartment, martial arts, right to bear arms, Farglesnazinkropf, and being a cat.

  • DukeBG

    Programmer. Comics translator (mostly english => russian, but had RU=>EN projects too). I admin a large russian webcomics portal. I love webcomics.

    Interests: Webcomics, music, programming, ARGs

  • RichardMorales

    Richard is a writer, chief editor of the newspaper essay dune, and specialist with a remarkable eye for detail who exceeds expectations in all parts of dialect expressions from copywriting and news coverage to abstract and basic hypothesis.

    Interests: Writing content, programming, web development. Skills: Writing content, programming, web development