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  • Brother Mirtillo

    I've been reading for as long as I can remember, especially stories with multiple layers, resonant truths, or simple fun.   I read more than I write, joke more than I complain, and say less than I think. My current goal is "learn by doing."   I don't like the spotlight, which is why I love su...

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  • Vanna the Tournéemancer

    My apologies to the French language for any atrocities I may have inadvertently committed against it in the process of making this pun. Without further ado, I present Vanna the Tournéemancer:     (NOTE: User was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this post. Pun is from "tourn&eac...

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  • Orken Mindi

    Reader, fan, writer, casual gamer. 

    Interests: A damn good story, puns

  • The Hundredth King

    Scripture tells us that the Titans created the 99 kings and queens and gave them the divine mandate to rule Erfworld.   But the truth is that there was a hundredth king. His name was King Allen the First, and he ruled the lands of Bor from the machine city of Binford. The Titans had entrus...

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