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  • A Little Rhyme-o-mancy 2

    Don King At Night   The King of Transylvito sat alone. "Poor Slately's doom," he sighed, "is now my doom." He listened for it, coming to his throne. The monster -- Truth -- was breathing in the gloom.   He dropped his cup. "There comes a time," he said. "When into every reign so...

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  • A Little Rhyme-o-mancy 3

    Gobwin KnobGobwin Knob is the best side of all!The best city, best units, best wall!The best ruler's a Tool! The best caster's a Fool!Parson Gotti? ... um ... well ... he's quite tall?CharlescommGood ol' Charlie sits fine on his throne."Blow my nose! Wipe my butt!" he'll intone.Archons jump to ob...

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  • The 25th Magic, Part I

      “A Rhyme-o-mancer who doesn’t rhyme? I’m surprised His Majesty didn’t disband him on the spot.”   “He almost did! But Lord West is quite the advocate of music, and was so excited by finally having our own Rhymer he convinced the King to let him s...

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  • The 25th Magic, Part II

      A trio of casters were sitting next to each other at a table and had been listening to the performance of a young, sided Rhyme-o-mancer who had been spending a lot of time in the Magic Kingdom lately. On the right was a man with dark, perfectly quaffed hair wearing a cheap-looking white t...

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  • The 25th Magic, Part III

    By the Titans!  Here was a finely-crafted instrument.  Smooth lines, no sharp edges, at least a three-octave range, and those dynamics!  Powerful, hex-filling sound.  Perfect tone, and perfect responsiveness under Amadeus’s skilled fingers.   Lady Blunt was surely...

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  • Dead Caster Walking

    Reprised form of Lady Firebaugh's battle cry. This is one of those pieces where I disagree with the characters, and yet here they are.     (NOTE: User was awarded 25 shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

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  • Rhyme-o-mancy Practice Sonnet

    -Contained within are the in-progress Rhyme-o-mancy studies of newly popped caster Edgar Pallus- An Introductory Sonnet   I must confess that I possess a lack Of that fancy Rhyme-o-mancy flourish I try a lot but just don't got the knack And yet this skill is what I will nourish ...

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  • Cinder39134

    Cinder39134, the Rhymer,Looking at the comic he's awaited,Effects poems ably 'fore a timer.Verse, if it not swiftly was created,Ekes no merits, cannot be debated.Rather, without metered rhyme envision:Many readers wouldn't then be sated.All this fear leads thus to much rescission,Not to fancy poe...

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