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  • Map of Gobwin Knob and neighbours

    Map from the comic page 41, straightened, cleaned and with a little bit more contrast on some places.   NOTE: User was awarded 10 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob

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  • Velveteen Bunny

    When you are Loved, that is when you truly become Real.   A little tribute to one of my favorite Erfworld characters. I hope you all like it! Edit: Sweet Titans, thank you all for your responses and kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed my work ^o^.   (Note: User was awarded 25 Shmucke...

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  • Capital of Transylvito - Tower Location (book 3)

    As sharp as the Erfworld team is, I was having a really hard time stomaching the idea that they'd forgotten to change the Signamancy of the Tower when it went Aztec. So I started digging for every image I could that would let me map the TV capitol.   Thankfully the answer came pretty quick...

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  • The Doom that came to Transylvito

    They came by night because the Mad Monk required it. Warlady Sonia Greene left her escort of stabbers at the cave mouth and travelled in alone. For what felt like turns she walked through the meandering tunnels of the cavern, with nothing to see but the darkness of the cave and nothing to hear bu...

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