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  • Jillian vs Wanda

    I drew this picture a few years back depicting what I thought it might look like if Jillian and Wanda ever happened to get into a battle in the tunnels near Faq.  Notice the Faq mining unit Jillian is riding.  I figured a tunneling wurm might compliment Faq's flying gwiffons nicely...

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  • Maggie and Wanda Dress Up

    First off, day-to-day wear: Next, something for the beach... Um. This might be what happens when you start mixing Hippiemancy and Thinkamancy... And finally, since I will never cease to find Maggie crushing on Parson intensely amusing, here's Maggie sleeping in the Hamstard shirt she sto...

    Tags: Maggie, Wanda, fanart, No one in particular, swimsuit, beret

  • Who watches the watchers?

    It can't be a peep show, as there is no Gwiffons.   (Note: user was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this submission. -Rob)

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  • Parson's Halloween Party

      For an even larger version, please enjoy this link.   (Note: User was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

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  • Erfworld LoL skins 1 - Wanda edition!

    I'm huge fan of both League of Legends and Erfworld, so I thought, why not combine those two things? So I made a custom Wanda skin. And used it on two champions. Anyway, I thought long and hard about what champion would be perfect for Wanda. I'm saddened to say, but none of the girls fit he...

    Tags: League of Legends, custom skins, fanmade, Wanda, Yorick

  • Adventures in WonderErf

    Hello! This is my first fan art attempt for Erfworld. I love the comic (and reactions forum). Seeing Jillian as a Queen of Hearts in Book 3 Page 10 inspired me to imagine other Erfworlders as Alice in Wonderland characters. I have more character designs planned, and so I hope you all enjoy them! ...

    Tags: WonderErf, Fanart, Wanda, Jack, Hamstard, Charlie

  • Wanda's Last Supper

    I was inspired to create this image of Wanda and some of her beloved decrypted units since she is scheduled to be executed in the near future.  I figured she could have one last get-together with her re-popped followers.   (NOTE: User was awarded 25 shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

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  • Claud Adventures of Charly and Wandy

    Charlie: Well what about your fear of fate? Wanda: I'm afraid of how much I love it.  Charlie: You gotta believe me Wandy the Hamster is ultimate evil! Wanda: - Charlie: He wants to be the dominate unit on the erf, And he'll destroy us all to make it happen! Wanda: - Charlie: DEST...

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  • (Portal) Parks and Retconjuration

    Another Erfworld Meme!

    Tags: Erfworld, Meme, Wanda, Parson, Stanley, Parks and Recreation, play on words

  • Decryptocurrency

    The prisoner sat in her dark alcove. Shackles bound her to the wall, cuffing hand and foot. She hunched on a wooden platform that made a poor excuse for a bed, tucking her knees against the rough sackcloth of her dress.   An untrained eye might have mistaken her cowed shrunken posture as a...

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