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  • adsaenz

    Skills: writing, editing, improv comedy

  • Brother Mirtillo

    I've been reading for as long as I can remember, especially stories with multiple layers, resonant truths, or simple fun.   I read more than I write, joke more than I complain, and say less than I think. My current goal is "learn by doing."   I don't like the spotlight, which is why I love su...

    Interests: Jokes, reading, writing, puns, crossovers, skiing, soccer

  • LazarusZLong

    A long-time comic-book fan, I only recently dove into online comics (maybe 12 years ago or so).  I have been following Erfworld since its beginnings in the Order of the Stick, and devoured Hamstard and PartiallyClips.  My daily routine at work is woefully incomplete without my daily dose of levit...

    Skills: MS Office (esp. EXCEL), writing, research, PnP game design

  • edsobo

    Interests: Reading, writing, food, comics, drawing, Lego, craft beer, electronics, tinkering.

  • kilantolshi

    Interests: gaming, computers, writing, programming, acting, sculpting, reading, annoying neighbors, catching the houdini rabbits that somehow get in my apartment, martial arts, right to bear arms, Farglesnazinkropf, and being a cat.

  • Lymmothy

    Interests: Games, computers, writing

  • florencewillburn


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    Interests: writing, reading. Skills: writing

  • leonaegonzales


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    Skills: writing

  • umerali

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    Skills: Seo, writing

  • freyahenderson

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    Interests: writing, reading, drawing. Skills: writing